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Application Fees and Billing

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Standard Application Filing Fee

  • Once an application is found in compliance with Ohio Administrative Code 4906, the applicant will receive an invoice from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Finance Department.
  • The fee structure for power siting cases can be found in Ohio Administrative Code 4906-3-12 "Application fees and board expenses," as well as in the tables below.
  • Payment of the invoice for the fee is due within 30-days.


Gas Pipeline and Electric Power Transmission Lines

Construction Cost ($) Fee ($)
up to - 500,000 10,000
$500,000 - 1,000,000 25,000
1,000,001 - 2,000,000 35,000
2,000,001 - 5,000,000 50,000
5,000,001 - up 65,000

Electric Power Generation Plant and Associated Facilities

Fifty cents ($0.50) times the maximum kilowatt electric capacity, as determined by the estimated net demonstrated capability of the highest capacity alternative.
The maximum application filing fee shall be one hundred fifty thousand dollars. ($150,000)

Accelerated certificate applications

The Ohio Power Siting Board does not require deposits for accelerated cases.

Expedited accelerated certificate applications

  • Requests for expedited treatment and fees, Ohio Administrative Code 4906-6-04
  • An applicant may request an expedited review of an accelerated certificate application (Letter of Notification or Construction Notice) by filing such request in the case and submitting a non-refundable fee of $2,000.
  • Payment is due at the time of the application filing.

Amendment certificate applications

Amendment cases include revisions to Board certificated standard application cases. The Ohio Power Siting Board is currently not accepting deposits for amendment cases.

Annual invoicing

The Ohio Administrative Code establishes a framework under which the Ohio Power Siting Board is to charge applicants for the costs of conducting investigations and reviewing of applications for approval of major utility facilities. The following is a brief summary of the relevant provisions of the administrative rule:

  • Rule 4906-3-12(A) of the Ohio Administrative Code requires the Chairman of the Ohio Power Siting Board (Board) to provide applicants with an annual summary of all costs by case number, showing fees received and Board expenses.
  • Rule 4906-3-12(E) allows the Chairman to charge an applicant a supplemental application fee. If the initial application fee is determined to be inadequate, then the applicant may be invoiced for expenses associated with the application.
  • Rule 4906-3-12(F) requires the Chairman to determine, at the end of the calendar year in which a certificate is issued, if the application filing fee was adequate. If the fee was inadequate, the Chairman is required to invoice the applicant for the amount of the shortage, and to do so at least annually thereafter, until the project is completed. Final reconciliation, including refunds, will be done in the calendar year in which the applicant notifies the Board that the project has been completed.
  • Rules 4906-3-12(H) and (I) allows the Chairman to invoice all other Board expenses at cost, including the review of Letters of Notification and Construction Notices. Applicants requesting expedited processing of a Letter of Notification or a Construction Notice are also required to pay an additional fee at the time of filing.

Payment information

Guest Payment:

Guest Payment provides the opportunity for a payor to ePay a PUCO or OPSB invoice without registering for the PUCO Community.  Payors will be asked to provide the invoice number, due date, and the balance due, then the user will be granted permission to pay the matching invoice. Additional invoices can be paid by using the Add Additional Invoices button. As with ePayment for Community users, there will be no transaction fee associated with the ePayment feature. Credit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and Discover, while we will also accept eChecks from a Checking and Savings account.  

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